Initials TCHS on car engine Students in classroom listening to teacher Metal bench with TCHS letter cut out Wood shop picture highlighting a workbench being made Picture of students in Health Professions Class Signs made of metal as wrenches with student council names on them for parking signs
Student welding a bench made out of a tailgate Bench after welding prepped for painting Welded bench after painting Bench Built by students out of a pickup tailgate to support police department Students in Health class Students involved in the Regional Robotics Competition Student learning to drive a skid steer on industry day


Welcome to Technical Career High School, this is fully accredited Career-Technical High School recognized by Advanc-Ed, International Registry for Accreditation. TCHS is charged with a passion of offering high end technical training for students in Bonneville School District #93. Unlike most high schools in the state we offer core classes along side C.T.E. that teach the Common Core standards in a slightly different way that are geared towards what Career Programs the students are interested in.



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Robo Camp

Presented By: FIRST FRC Team 1566 The Ammoknights

Logo for the Ammon Knights, A knight riding a tank


Lego Mindstorms

4-6 grade
Students will learn the basics of robotics and will work together in teams to build a Lego Mindstorms robot.

Vex Robots

7-8 grade
Students in this program will work in groups to build with the Vex Robot platform. These students will design their own robot to perform a given task.


$50 Per Child


  • 1st Week: June 12-14, 2019 (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)
  • 2nd Week: June 19-21, 2019 (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)
Slots in the second week will open up when there are no more availabilities in the first week.

The maximum number of children per week is 24. Lunch will not be served.


Students who have completed 4th-8th grade.

Application Deadline:

Friday, May 31, 2019


Technical Careers High School
3497 N Ammon Rd
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

For more information, please contact
Technical Careers High School
Attn: Curtis Thomas
3497 N Ammon Rd
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

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Mission:  Working Together for Individual Excellence

Vision:  Building Student’s Skills for a Successful Future

On Tuesday, August 27th District 93 patrons will be asked to vote on a school bond that will provide funding to build a new elementary school, construct additions at both Hillcrest and Bonneville High Schools, and make necessary improvements to other schools and facilities.


If approved, funds from the $42.7 million school bond can only be used for the projects listed on the ballot. Funds from school bonds cannot be used to pay employee salaries, other ongoing operational costs, or for any purpose not identified on the ballot. The District anticipates paying an interest rate of 2.93% on this bond, resulting in a total estimated cost of $59.2 million. The state is expected to contribute $11.6 million, resulting in a total net cost of $47.6 million to District 93 patrons. The school district will maintain the current levy rate to repay the bond. As the value of the District's tax base grows, the current levy rate will generate the necessary revenue to repay this bond. Based on the District's current tax base, patrons will pay about $92 annually for every $100,000 of their taxable assessed value if the bond is approved. However, the actual annual cost per $100,000 will be less as the District's tax base grows with the construction of new homes and businesses. If new bonds are never approved, the District's levy rate would eventually decrease.


More information about the August 27th Bond Proposal is available at

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3609 E Iona Road
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Fax: 208-525-4434