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Students that reside in School District #93 are given the first opportunities to register. This will be taken care of through the normal registration process. If students reside outside of School District #93 they can turn in a request to attend TCHS full-time.

Contact TCHS Pricipal at 525-4433 if you have questions about registration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Careers High School – TCHS

What is TCHS?

TCHS is a career-technical high school recognized by the Idaho Division of Career-Technical Education charged with offering high end technical training for students in Bonneville School District #93. Unlike most career-technical high schools in the state of Idaho we will also be offering core classes that teach the Common Core standards in ways that are geared towards what students are interested in.


How do I register for TCHS?

Registration this year will be done online or at your home high school (in dist. 93)

Can I graduate from TCHS?

TCHS had its first graduating class as the Class of 2014.

Student credits earned at TCHS are equal to their home high school. 

Most of our pathway courses have college credit and/or industry certification.


What is the cost?

There is no extra registration fees for attending TCHS on top of what is collected at the home high school. There will be shop costs for the classes that are taken and vary depending on the class and projects that students choose to do.


What programs are offered at TCHS?

Please refer to programs offered


Where is the school located?          Google MAP

TCHS is located north of Rocky Mountain Middle School. We currently use 9 different buildings.

If you have any further questions then please contact TCHS principal at or 208-525-4433.

Course Descriptions


District 93 Technical Careers High School has been recognized by the Idaho State Division of Career-Technical Education since the 2012 - 2013 school year.

For more information about Career-Technical Education